Saturday, September 27, 2014

Master Piece (Moments)

Mission Wifi :

Truly speaking I am in touch with the WIFI only before two years, getting familiar with this words is also a big deal in the developing country like Nepal. Getting back to the time in that mission, we work hard, make people understand somehow about  the WiFi  and in turn learn to a little extent of the technical knowledge about installing WIFI, most importantly about the device we need! Rural people are the one with the heart in
fact, hospitality they provide, their contribution in making the project success  although  for the first phase was incredible indeed. “1 step foundation” a very new name of organization formulated by the group of student, completely non profitable, not political organization working in the field of community development. We were in second phase  of work in the target area Bajung, How worthy is it, when a number of students based in Kathmandu, volunteer the 1 month teaching in the remote part of the country with the goal to  get  cent percent result in SLC. Learning by doing being motto of our journey, we not only tested the device whether they can perform or not in the area, besides  identifying the range how far it can work and making those curious faces of the rural students understand somehow about the internet, Wi-Fi etc.
A piece of  wonderland(Bajung):
Those view in the eyes was actually the portray of the wonderland! symbiotic relationship between the heart and environment  with the strong bond. Apart from the busy schedule , while walking uphill,
sometime downhill, still  we can feel  the uncontaminated form of nature. Panoramic view of those huge rocks carved with the vegetation, above which the cloud is dancing and looking for a chance to fall in the earth. I pondered with the weather fluctuation there in the Bajung within the short period of time we can see the misty cloud covering those huge mountain and hill ,instantly  huge hills with distinct vegetation cover ,snow capped mountain and the small village with the scattered  house. It was like spell bounded viewing those scenic beauty. Just opposite to the Bajung, one can see the huge consolidated rock forming the Panchase hill, with the only virgin mountain “Machhpuchre”  above it. I have never expected that the journey goes beyond limitation, meditation in the top of the hill was the moment which I still love to cherish, opening the eyes I felt like I was fully motivated, I got some energy and the view in front of my eyes looks  as if I was in the wonderland, undoubtly with one and only words WOW.

How can I refuse to accept the trip as a complete package? The moment we share during our seven days in Bajung was  mesmerizing .How can I forgot to mention the main actors of our trip Bijay Eren Sapkota,Tejaswi  Adhikari , Jhakendra  daju and those helping hands during our project. How I found Bijay was like cool, friendly, sometime moody, sometime responsible, sometime versatile, sometime yelling unnecessarily, sometime acting like stranger and importantly spiritual. I can’t deny accepting my little sister Tejaswi  as Florence Nightangle , showering the much love ,care, her passion in medicine field, sometimes talkative, chitchatting till midnight and the most common words like… like, rack….rack, tyo ,sometime moody ,a lady with the wide smile reflecting the world is smiling . 

Our legend, Pradip Adhikari, without him everything seems impossible, his effort ranging from the fund collection to coordinating the team, giving direction etc. Even though I  haven’t met him yet, my mind judge him as a dynamic, cool, dedicated, friendly, wanting changes in the society   and  a youth  with dream to change the world.I proudly insist that,the world is wanting the youth like you.Being treated as their children  by hajurbuwa and ganga aunti,  we will never gonna forget you all. . I can’t found any words to describe those Bajung people, I am indebted to them.
 I noticed the response in their own words-                                                                                                   Tejaswi- kathmandu janai mann chaina,kehi din yetai basna paye ni hunthyo with a heavy heart.      
  Bijay-Jane din ma aja etai basau na,ramailo garau,fix chaina hami feri aau6au ki audainau voli jaula ni      tah.