Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Being a Park Ranger

You wake up in the early morning with the fresh breeze with the smell of forest and tight your shoe laces ,carry your backpack with GPS, Binocular, Camera and a Stick and walk into the woods. The feeling of joy when you came up with the sightings of diversity of animals , some jumping, some flying some with deadly looks and some feeling insecure being encountered. Yeah, you are with the uncontaminated pure oxygen, the panoramic  view of green belt in front of your eyes. Dipping yourself in the woods is like you are in quagmire were knowingly you won't try to get rid of. It's not about passion, dedication but its ends up as addiction.You are so connected with every trees, every forest routes and the creatures ranging  from the small insects to mega animals and obsessed about them.

I always ponder with expectation VS reality, when expectation and reality collide, expectation comes up with higher degree of shattering at the ground.What we think about the park ranger is something which is completely different (the hidden secret). You came up with different world like i became different me ,rediscovered being here.  The countless time i have failed,  i felt completely helpless, embarrassed, those failures, situation have inspired me tremendously and i am growing up.  You need to be a good dictator, actor(like you feel the problems of the rural people as yours own),runner(Like a marathon)good manager, good listener, commanding, spy, bold, logical ,honest and kind at the same time.Moreover park ranger is like protector, you are assigned to protect people ,land ,forest, animals and in turn whole environment.
 The experience of being park ranger is always powerful,it seemed to me that it had always felt like to be human in wild  and as long as the wild existed it would always feel this way.Its what you are trained to do even without thinking reflexive and unconditional act. Well, भावना डुम्रेनी क्षेत्र मा चित्तल लाई कुकुर ले लाखटेर गाउ पस्यो रे, rescue गर्नु पर्यो ,ohh i am moving please keep it safely, you are on the spot of rescue,bell rings and the sounds comes like  कर्माला क्षेत्रमा ठुले आगलागि भाको रे, टिम लिएर जानु पर्यो , yeah i am coming with team.At the midnight, म्याड्म हाती गाउँ पस्यो,हजुरहरु आउन पर्यो,alright we are moving right now please make sure every people is safe there. Likewise,  स्थानए मानिस हरु जंगल पसे ,ohh we will go for it, मध्यरात मा बसले चित्तल लाई ठक्कर दियो, आँखा मिच्दै ,आउदै छौ हामी and it goes on. There are times where you felt like you never going to be stopped ,going on and on.

At times you  felt heartbroken for the people who are compelled to enter the jungle for their subsistence livelihood and because of  hand to mouth problem and you act like, you dont possess any feeling, some people cursing continuously ,some threatens and some left unspoken. You don't have plan and don't you seek any work, whatever and whenever the works calls is unpredictable  and at the end you are like volatile. However, i  haven't noticed or even felt  that rushing brings what you aspire even if you are left half eaten.It had to do with how it felt to be in wild,with what it was like to walk for miles with no reason other than to witness the accumulation of trees, animals, meadows, river, streams sunrise and the sunset leaving the cold breeze and fine looks.
Sometimes its not easy to come out of dreams, sleep ends, dreams don't.
अल्झे कही के भो ,बाटो भुलेको छैन
भाचिसकेको बिश्वास, फेरी भएर आउछ
हजार सपना हरुको ,माया लागेर आउछ
At the end of the day, you felt   privileged, honored being  park ranger and its you.

Ranger squad
Working is so much of fun when you are surrounded with the people where you can be real you .The ranger squad of Bardia National Park is super amazing group i have ever come up with .They have been so so supportive, energizer ,helpful, kind, mentoring  everything what comes. encouraging and at the same time  humorous. They do possess very different skills and are expert in their own way like photography,GIS, field coordination,research  and many more.And yes this group is certainly adding color to life and will always be cherished. The sounds comes like ,Ohh i feel exhausted,i need a break,well we can have some refreshment party, the voice from another. this is how  the squad chill. Yeah,Chillar ranger squad', what a perfect analogy to our group.