Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green Youth Convention

The mission has set, the unending journey with unstable Passion and interest we youth from the different nook and corner of the country came under one umbrella to joins hands  to paint the world green with wild flora and fauna. With enthusiastic youth from 16 districts our session starts at Amaltari, Nawalparasi. Hundreds of youth with brainstorming mind  were very warmly welcomed by the local people of that area. The area where we are going to attend the program is totally with colorful papers sticking on the rope. Local people of the Amaltari, homestay were busy in making the area attractive welcoming  guest, youth , media  person by putting tika and giving flower.

      On the 22d of april our first session starts at Amaltari homestay cultural hall. The programs starts with some rules and regulation that we need to follow during the program and followed by some documentary about wildlife and their importance in balancing the ecosystem. Then after our introduction session with the division of groups by calling 1,2,3…7.Altogether there were seven groups including youth from different background and interest. The most interesting thing was that every group need to introduce their member in creative way creating awareness among the people and motivate them in conserving biodiversity .I found youth  creative and innovative in the sense that they presented the introduction of the group member in very interesting way. Most often that the best introduction will  be honoured with some prize. As Franz Kafka said that ”Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see  beauty .Anyone who keeps the ability to shows beauty never grows old”. Like his saying youth are the one who can bring the changes and which is the lasting one. Furthermore the program is ongoing with different speech followed by documentary show .Everyone was busy in listening ,but my mind was busy in thinking about the opposition that there is big gap in between saying and implementing it in actual field.Most importantly,divided group formulated some objective and organizational structure along with the commitment in  networking the youth from grass root level.
         Turning back to the 2nd day, the program start with the introduction about “The Generation Green” by Sikha   Gurung  followed by the motivational and inspirational speech by Anil Shah (Head of the mega bank) which can be the best example those who can’t dream their future in Nepal .Furthermore  motivational and inspirational speech by our mentor Dr.Shanta raj Gyawali, Kamal jung Kunwar(chief warden of CNP),Ranjit Acharya ,those spoken words have power but the difference is it’s very easy to pronounce words rather than bring that simple thinking in real practice. Those innocent faces of tharu society dedicating themselves to achieve the success of the program, busy in practicing the  most difficult dance(lathi dance),serving the guest in very well manner, isn’t it good deed? Learning from that is the best achievement I think .Flow line ,dream-design-discover-deliver is what we need to apply in one’s life. Undoubtly, its lead to success! Truly I admire Ravi shanker  Mardhaniya(President of Amaltari homestay) ,all his spoken words can change the world, reason is he is not only giving speech but those words  are authentic and he is practicing too. I sublimed inside me, remained  motionless as well as speechless, why we can’t do something in favor of wildlife and their habitat? With bold dream to do something  in conserving wildlife and their existence in world, the program came to an end by gathering media person from different district. Discussed about media coverage by the concerned biodiversity issues and their contribution in bringing change. Almost biding bye to the program as well as those amaltari homestay people with heavy heart and giving assurance to visit next time.
        More reflection about the program that’s come into my mind ,cultural dance by tharu community, dancing wildly in the song whatever comes next, those  creative literature, gajals, poems, sayari , etc  producing by youth and competing to present among youths etc were really the moment to cherish.Besides that, tremndously inspired from Tilak sir and synergy from  the Bhaskar sir were precious learning.   I commit to conserve biodiversity to build  the earth  green and clean, Don’t you guys?  Lets join hands to paint the earth green. CHEERS to youth, CHEERS to world!! Together WE can win!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Shifting power"

      In dilemma always, what does it’s mean “I am a power shifter”, I am literally searching the meaning whether its reflecting to shift energy or any other thing. On the  first day, I was searching the venue of the program, as I my mind is new to the places of Kathmandu. I asked few people on the way about the location, in the mean time I saw the group of girls standing on the road looking here and there, I asked them too, they replied that they were also searching same  thing which I was for ??
      With  many profound questions around the mind, we are trying to changed into power shifter. I found the program quite different and interesting in the sense the we were asked to commit as a power shifter by resonating the voice which calls “I am a power shifter” and  at a time we were asked to dance on the front of the hall which in turn taking away all the laziness of the participants. I can see diverse youth from various field ,some with curious faces, some introducing each other ,some were busy in gossips, some cutting jokes with their peers.  It’s quite interesting to see those scene of youth from different  corner at a place. At the beginning we were energized by our mentor Rambabu sir, then after different presentation followed by documentary show about the climate change, global warming and its impact. It is the well agreed fact we are the one for vanishing as well as killing and hunting of our own kind. Have we turned in savages ,we always so dreaded? Why we refuse to be the agent of change? why we refuse to act from now? Continuously  haunted by these questions when I heard about the rate our planet is being destroying by our daily behavior! Is seriousness is all about shifting power, still confused!!!          
      The next day we were called at NTB, Bhirkutimandap to leave for Nagarkot  for the next session. As I was the only one from Pokhara to attend the training, people were amazed asking me “u came from Pokhara to attend the program” It was like confused Confucius !!!! Truly i came to know very few people on the first day of the training and I was expecting that we will be introduced on the beginning of the session. Beyond expectation, very new way of introduction calling WHOO…HAAA, making two circle, rotating in the clockwise direction introducing each other .That’s how our next session start in different venue CHRDU. Entered Sagarmatha hall, discussed about the impacts that we are facing since few years and the adapting and mitigating measures of climate change, Everyone turned mute at the moment,  What would I do if when the world demands for me like everyone else? Will I be able to be someone else not me as I am now? And what if I don’t? Abolished from the face of the earth? These were the question  triggered me to act as a power shifter!! There were about 85 youth divided into different groups to proceed the discussion as well as to formulate the action plan for the next two months under different themes such as ecofriendly behavior. alternative energy, ecofriendly tourism, research and policy, drama/documentation.

      Besides attending session and discussion, dancing ,singing, campfire ,chitchatting till midnight were the random moments in the program. On the last day we, participants formulated the action plan and presented among all. By the time we changed into the” power shifter ”.I came to know Power shifter is nothing more it’s about disseminating ideas and knowledge to other youth, making chain of network in the community ,country and in turn across the globe.Now i am ready for power shift!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Why do we blog??

Whatever you think,whatever comes in your mind its free to write few lines.Its is not about influencing  people around you,its all about making the mind light washing away all the pain ,random thoughts,sharing experiences etc.Sometimes we feel heavy without sharing any experiences,happening with anybody. In fact blogging is that where you can share your thoughts to yourself.It is not necessary to have audience around you to listen your thoughts i this modern era we can share it with with many people around your circle at a time.
      In the past people used to keep diary to share their everything what comes in their life,but in these modern era i am here with my blog! I am always confused how to start writing and to end with.Despite all these i gotta write anything to everything that comes to my head ad at times it might feel i am talking to myself but everything i say is something that sometime everyone wanted to say in his/her life. Well i keep on visiting many enthusiastic bloggers, i keep deep respect to those pen lovers who always love the pages to fill with words adding attraction of the unfilled pages.So friends keep visiting blog for some wonderful thought sharing.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Human and environment

        These days the environment is grappled with the  various destruction and degradation  caused by the so  called conscious  human. Unquestionably, the earth is facing its most serious challenge, as  a species in the web of life, man is rapidly destroying the foundation of his/her very existence. Though we are so much sophisticated by the luxuries we get from this materialistic world, yet we bound to return to the nature when calls. Nature is the place where  we open our eyes, play  our part, eat, spend our life times and where finally our body will be turned into ashes. we are living in this materialistic world neglecting the circumstances we have to bear where our so called developmental progress will involuntarily crush our eternal happiness. sometimes it make great humor when we listen that conventions and seminars for biodiversity conservation and environment protection are signing in the same country where nuclear weapons are frequently tested. In my point of view it doesn’t make a sense.
Upon this eye full of surrounding our survival depends, protect it and it will grow our happiness and surrounds us with beauty, abuse it the environment will degrade and collapse taking mankind with it. Furthermore no one is away from the degradation and the destruction and its consequences in the near future, and the youth are the most affected generations.
Forest harbor over half of the world terrestrial biodiversity .It sustain the livelihood of over billions of people worldwide and they provide the whole range of ecosystem services, including water filtration, soil stabilization and the raw ingredients for much of the  world’ medicine.
Besides Nepal is small country yet enriched with different species of wild flora and fauna, it is the hub with various rare animals and plants . According to the recent data, Nepal has got 118 type of ecosystem besides ocean and desert,75 type of vegetation and 35 type of forest,43 species of amphibian,181 species of mammals,100 reptiles,635 species of butterfly,185 species of fresh water fish including different type of flora and fauna only residing in Nepal. According to BCN(Bird Conservation Nepal) among 832 species of birds  are found in Nepal  among them 31 species have been disappearing from the world.
          As Nepal  is the small country which is the victim of all the changes caused by  the climate change, global warming, acid rain etc as a result of emission of GHG gases by the developed country. Forest pollution is the another factor responsible for the destruction of wild flora and fauna. It is the challenging task for the conservationist indeed. Toxic chemical from the industries and their disposal into the river, use of chemical pesticides and fertilizer in the agricultural field, air pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, encroachment  are the sole cause for the deterioration of the natural environment. Forest pollution is the
global issue requiring  a global solution. These factor in fact are the determinants of the forest pollution at a glance. we are familier about the direct impact seen in the planet like ozone layer depletion, acid rain, unseasonal rainfall pattern ,temperature rise which has adversely affecting the the lives of human as well as animals and plants . Nepal  is witnessing the rising demand of the forest products ultimately which led to encroachment causing deforestation and severe loss of the natural resources. Furthermore in the past, terai forest was deforested in the large extent for the eradication of malaria. To address the conservation, national parks and wildlife reserve have established which is no longer far from the impact of those changes.
Moreover national parks and wildlife reserve cover about 18% of the total forest area of Nepal.  There are 10 national parks,3 wildlife reserve ,5 conservation areas and one hunting reserve  established to address conservation even though the situation is very dire, wild animals ,birds ,reptiles ,fishes etc are decline in alarming rate. Due to urbanization, industrialization etc have threatened the live of animal, birds etc. They are no longer in their natural state. For example, due to habitat loss, lack of food, water pollution in the Narayani river, dolphin number are decreasing day by day, another  concentrated pollution in the Narayani is killing large no of fish which in turn wiping out birdlife, reptiles, amphibian(esp gharial) and other fauna. Different studies have shown that water pollution in the river affect the endocrine system, decrease the fertility , and also in the breeding.
  Glancing back to the childhood memories, we can see vulture in our surrounding feeding in the Caracus, even we are compelled to face the fear of the tiger and its destruction in the community areas. It’s pathetic to say, they are no longer in the areas due to the increased settlement, encroachment of the forest areas. We so called concern human are being mute in this sense.

    A small effort can make a large difference, so the change should be started from the grass root level. As rural people are uneducated, they have unequal access to the  opportunity, their voice is muted in the decision making. Community awareness can be the best solution along with the strong enforcement of rules and laws, clear demarcation of the forest boundary etc. In this context different agreements and goals have been set globally to reduce the GHG emission, deforestation, pollution  etc  to longer the life of the planet. Indeed many hands and natural forces have shaped the earth around us, being a youth who always love environments, wildlife and other components, it is our duty to raise key issues in relation to the climate change mitigation and adaptation. Global climate change related initiatives aimed at reducing pollution, deforestation and forest degradation, including role of conservation, sustainable  management of forest.

Water bird census(Weather + Character)

      Beyond expectation, its time or natural arrangement I got an  opportunity to  be involved in the annual water bird census in Jagdishpur reservoir. With the rays of hope to taste different flavor, new mind to the water bird, new faces, almost new weather, what a life worth living. The best weather ever what a combination, a foggy day with the mildly blowing wind mixed with few tiny drops of water.The sun shines only behind the cloud,from dawn to dusk I was among rainfall of misty fumes slowly I vapoured too.
    Breathtaking view of those waterfowl around Jagdishpur reservoir was really awesome. In fact i was bit confused with the census technique, how far it can be accurate   or without  error. Hundreds of bird were flying here and there , some were dancing, swimming etc in  the sense enjoying life at fullest. Besides, never ending process learning, i  learn to distinguish between different species of waterfowl as well as other migratory water bird. Never fading curiosity about birdlife, their identification, envying their lifestyle, bring attention of the vaccum mind to fill something new.
    Different species common coot, red crested pochard, most innocent cormorant, lesser adjutant ,grebe species, common moorhen ,kingfisher ,heron species ,egret ,sandpiper ,lapwing, common teal and finally sarus(most lovely waterbird) and many more tree bird  we got to see in the reservoir. Indeed birdbook and binocular are the one for the ease in identification. Whenever I thought about the invention of different instrument I put forward my deep respect to the inventors who make me feel like as if I was very close to the distant birds. Panoromic view of the reservoir along with trees by side, some piece of land like island, birds  activities were mesmerizing.
      With the bold hope to finish the birdcount our mission was set. In the mean time we meet one young boy  carrying bird which was injured in the wings, going through the condition of the bird it was almost near to death. We so called conservationist were mute in the sense that nothing we can do for the survival of that bird.I feel pathetic for the so called  conservationist word in front of uneducated as well as unaware local people. Indeed many hands and force have shaped the world around us, it’s our duty to raise awareness from the grass root level to sustain the environment full with different creature.   
                Talking about the chemistry of the character’s and weather, small team with five member with different creation of god I must say. Dinesh Girl was hero indeed,His effort in the water bird census was incredible. Trying to avoid the tiredness and the chilling cold along with rain, his friendly behavior, cooperation in identification were playing pivotal role. Another Krishna Bhusal was beyond expectation kinda attitude holder, introvert and shy in nature. Long live was somewhat forward, textually  active, with no boundaries of hunger on that day also add different taste to the day. Most hilarious character manohar dai was the sense of humor for we all.His curiosity in bird habitat and those entertaining talk  were  really unforgotable. It was a ccomplete package with different experiences(weather,birdcount,character ).