Monday, June 23, 2014

"Found Everywhere "

      Who said life is easy? If our world is easy and beautiful, nobody  would have entered it by crying. Turning those beautiful chapter having different pages  in different course of time, I had no control over emotions and circumstances. I could no longer find anything around me.
     The  time when I had first noticed the young girl instead pretending to be like a boy who was walking by my side when I was in grade school,  she was continuously complimenting her as she was like  a boy, she can do anything as boys does blah-blah and suddenly asked me am i like a girl? Reading her face and going through her spoken words, her latent wish to be a boy. The only aim of her life is to be a professional driver thinking that it is the only profession done by boys.
     Recalling the worthy past, a foggy man enjoying his life at fullest, its seems as  he was traffic having same schedule, teaching traffic rules and giving direction to the airplanes flying in the sky as per the sign by whistling.  Once he scolded me and gave one slap as  I was not following  his rules while walking in the street. They  are  like normal  human, but they do whatever they like as if life is all about having joy and spending life as a street man.
      With the heavy heart I used to notice the activities of an old women walking along the same  street  over two years. She was thin women with white hair, carrying the bag filled of dirty clothes with bare foot roaming here and there, cursing people of the same house, standing in front of the same house. How much pathetic is it? , some young boys used to rape that old women if they got the chance.
     Another an old man like a “Raute” or “jungle man”  with small piece of cloth covering the small portion of  the body. Whenever I saw him I recall the student life of grade one, where we used to read about the past civilization and about the stone age. That moment always bring smile in my face, when I gave 2 rupees to that old man, he spit in my face, scold me and throw that money back to me only because I gave very few amount to him. Even though  I used to notice him every day on the way to my college, I felt some kind of difficulty when I saw him shivering due to severe cold, trying to defend cold by smoking the pipe left in the street.
    My  pen stop writing when I remember a young boy walking in the street, begging with people for his survival. I stop for few minutes watching him continuously ,some people give slap, some feed him with food etc. Interesting thing about him is that he was continuously speaking English cursing political leader reflecting the current political condition of the country and his frustration towards the country. At the mean time when he was walking in the street, one man in the other side of the road called him and request him to come there, he replied “I am not a magnet brother”. His spoken words  were complex, I cannot understand what he is telling about? But when I deeply gone through his words, how logical answer was it?? What a rigid sentence was it? Tremendously inspired by his spoken words.
     Wherever I go ,I found the street with such people around with different activities. They do have same cranial capacity, same organs for the physiological activities but seems different with normal human? Why they are called abnormal?? It is noticed that the people are in that situation due to some happening and cause in their life. Is it the reason??,that they are passing the life and time as a street man.  Is  life beautiful for them????Always grappled with many profound question?? How much life would be worthy  if they can live the normal life!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

"Journey with the Power Shift Nepal"

    It’s June 5 again, lets celebrate this environment day, honoring our mother earth and reminding everywhere, around to handle our mother earth with love and care. With the slogan “Raise your voice not the sea level” World environment day 2014 was celebrated with more than 100 power shifter from different nook and corner of the country. For me every day is environment day, but before when I entered forestry ,I didn’t found any day as special as I feel now. The fact is that, when you know something about anything you might have interest on it, when interest changes into passion it never dies up.
  How fast the time flows on, this 2.5 months with the power shift Nepal was the incredible moment indeed. On the auspicious occasion, we graduated!!! Holding certificate in not everything ,it is about designing the future action plan and bring it into action. Fighting for success is not easy, but be optimistic and truly believe you can win. Glancing back to the 2.5 months with the power shift Nepal, we were trained, given responsibility to handle the action plan and at last come out with action as well as output. Upto here knowledge walk-heritage walk, Ratna park cleaning campaign, UN park cleaning, hiking, plantation were the joint action organized by power shift Nepal. Unfortunately ,I was unable to participate on those joint activities although I am highly interested in those events most importantly heritage walk to Bhaktapur which I was looking for .I feel delighted when I saw the facebook page of GPS filled with the activities done by different group, creativity of the enthusiastic youth, promoting eco-friendly behavior, waste turned to usable thing etc.
  Making the chain of network and shifting power we are now more than 500 power shifter on the move. We not only shifted power, fun, team work ,real practice of the work in the field everything was a complete package. I sublime in absence of myself, despite of scorching sun power shifter were busy on decorating stall, some were busy in managing stall, some invest their time in describing about the stuff and their significant role in mitigating the impact of climate change. Tremendously inspired from the alternative energy (solar group) what they present about the solar cooker is innovative, simple to use and cheap.  All the while, the glorious sun pours immaculate, free energy down upon us ,more than we will ever need. In this era it  doesn’t make any sense, people are more advance, busy, can’t even wait for a single minute. Imagine, how they can wait for hours to bring it in real practice? Salute to the BEE group, eco-friendly group, their creativity expressed in comparing two different residential area was the one, that can bring the attention of every conscious mind.
   Experience sharing session was the moment, which I still love to remember. Lots of inspirational and motivational experience piled one after another .I hastily noted those sharing in my notebook. Danish one of the power shifter from the alternative energy group sharing his experience ,connected with GPS thinking as Global positioning system ponder with Global Power Shift, lastly with the best result. I sometime muddle with the slogan ”Raise your voice not the sea level” those talkative power shifter at the beginning of the training session were no more there, can’t even saw their face, outcome was beyond expectation. So, lets talk less and act more!
  Sometime we pretend that we know that what we are doing, while we still try to figure it out, considering how hard is it to change yourself and you will know what a very little chance you have to change others??Even though most of the youth are educated, they act like illiterate.We are digging our own exitinction,I feel proud to be connected with GPS, atleast we have contributed in some extent. So lets not break the step,move AHEAD powershifter!!!  
    Despite of  short time, those random moment sharing with power shifter, its is notoriously difficult to add the adjective ,Although I am trying Deepak raj sir(friendly, dedicated),Jeewan sir(cooperative)Niraj dai(hatred with the word sir,besides cool and friendly)Pratap dai(dedicated, cool),Roshni mam(smart, her fluency in English..just wow,I ponder if she has Nepali origin)Indra sir(dedicated),Ram Babu Sir(our energizer) Rajeev sir, everyone were perfect, without you all Powershift wouldn’t have been complete.We are on the begining,we have to go miles before we sleep,March ahead Powershifter!!!!!!!!!!!