Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life without cell phone

Sleepy morning, lazy and scary day, tired evening and lonely night, this is how passing my life and time. Remembering the worthy past facing ,freaking present and worrying about the written future. Not guts, no glory, no brains and same story all the time…!!!
Excepting that expectations that don’t worth accepting another lesson, fading passion. Wow!! What a life worth living. Beyond the expectation, time and situation are altering. Everything in my life is going smooth and as usual in spite I’m very unlucky with technical objects ie; cell phone, calculator esp and many more.
Dark, dense cloud roam around the mind in an imagination without cell phone. I just have realized that I have fully addicted in the cell phone. Refreshing songs, text messages, funny videos, random pictures are striking my mind every seconds. I had faced the situation, how it feel without cell phone for about four months and even in different patches of time.
Cell phones are becoming the physiological as well as psychological process to maintain the life activities. Without cell phone psychological imbalance occur in mind and restore those random memories connected with cell phone. I can find myself self-directed, powerful and self-reliant even in the chaos with cell phone. Despite all those pros loneliness, frustrated, depressed and even in embarrassing situation are faced in its absence. In this context, people are becoming materialistic and parasitic which depends upon the host to live their life. Cell phone are becoming integral part of life indeed.
Its my experience that pool of imagination piled one after another to form a huge plan, I missed the every moments which I had passed with my cell phone. Most frequently, I used my cell phone for providing me the time which serves as a clock for me. In the midnight serving as a friend for a toilet trip and switching on the light. Practicing the fast type of the text message and feeling proud to do so, sneaking into other cell phone to see messages, serving as a desktop connected with internet,homepage,wallpost.. blah…blah… no calls for the whole day sometimes make me feel sad and doing missed call to each other.
Short time but the deep intimacy with the cell phone sometime make me think about what is the sole cause that me becoming so addicted.

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