Thursday, April 3, 2014

Water bird census(Weather + Character)

      Beyond expectation, its time or natural arrangement I got an  opportunity to  be involved in the annual water bird census in Jagdishpur reservoir. With the rays of hope to taste different flavor, new mind to the water bird, new faces, almost new weather, what a life worth living. The best weather ever what a combination, a foggy day with the mildly blowing wind mixed with few tiny drops of water.The sun shines only behind the cloud,from dawn to dusk I was among rainfall of misty fumes slowly I vapoured too.
    Breathtaking view of those waterfowl around Jagdishpur reservoir was really awesome. In fact i was bit confused with the census technique, how far it can be accurate   or without  error. Hundreds of bird were flying here and there , some were dancing, swimming etc in  the sense enjoying life at fullest. Besides, never ending process learning, i  learn to distinguish between different species of waterfowl as well as other migratory water bird. Never fading curiosity about birdlife, their identification, envying their lifestyle, bring attention of the vaccum mind to fill something new.
    Different species common coot, red crested pochard, most innocent cormorant, lesser adjutant ,grebe species, common moorhen ,kingfisher ,heron species ,egret ,sandpiper ,lapwing, common teal and finally sarus(most lovely waterbird) and many more tree bird  we got to see in the reservoir. Indeed birdbook and binocular are the one for the ease in identification. Whenever I thought about the invention of different instrument I put forward my deep respect to the inventors who make me feel like as if I was very close to the distant birds. Panoromic view of the reservoir along with trees by side, some piece of land like island, birds  activities were mesmerizing.
      With the bold hope to finish the birdcount our mission was set. In the mean time we meet one young boy  carrying bird which was injured in the wings, going through the condition of the bird it was almost near to death. We so called conservationist were mute in the sense that nothing we can do for the survival of that bird.I feel pathetic for the so called  conservationist word in front of uneducated as well as unaware local people. Indeed many hands and force have shaped the world around us, it’s our duty to raise awareness from the grass root level to sustain the environment full with different creature.   
                Talking about the chemistry of the character’s and weather, small team with five member with different creation of god I must say. Dinesh Girl was hero indeed,His effort in the water bird census was incredible. Trying to avoid the tiredness and the chilling cold along with rain, his friendly behavior, cooperation in identification were playing pivotal role. Another Krishna Bhusal was beyond expectation kinda attitude holder, introvert and shy in nature. Long live was somewhat forward, textually  active, with no boundaries of hunger on that day also add different taste to the day. Most hilarious character manohar dai was the sense of humor for we all.His curiosity in bird habitat and those entertaining talk  were  really unforgotable. It was a ccomplete package with different experiences(weather,birdcount,character ).


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