Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green Youth Convention

The mission has set, the unending journey with unstable Passion and interest we youth from the different nook and corner of the country came under one umbrella to joins hands  to paint the world green with wild flora and fauna. With enthusiastic youth from 16 districts our session starts at Amaltari, Nawalparasi. Hundreds of youth with brainstorming mind  were very warmly welcomed by the local people of that area. The area where we are going to attend the program is totally with colorful papers sticking on the rope. Local people of the Amaltari, homestay were busy in making the area attractive welcoming  guest, youth , media  person by putting tika and giving flower.

      On the 22d of april our first session starts at Amaltari homestay cultural hall. The programs starts with some rules and regulation that we need to follow during the program and followed by some documentary about wildlife and their importance in balancing the ecosystem. Then after our introduction session with the division of groups by calling 1,2,3…7.Altogether there were seven groups including youth from different background and interest. The most interesting thing was that every group need to introduce their member in creative way creating awareness among the people and motivate them in conserving biodiversity .I found youth  creative and innovative in the sense that they presented the introduction of the group member in very interesting way. Most often that the best introduction will  be honoured with some prize. As Franz Kafka said that ”Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see  beauty .Anyone who keeps the ability to shows beauty never grows old”. Like his saying youth are the one who can bring the changes and which is the lasting one. Furthermore the program is ongoing with different speech followed by documentary show .Everyone was busy in listening ,but my mind was busy in thinking about the opposition that there is big gap in between saying and implementing it in actual field.Most importantly,divided group formulated some objective and organizational structure along with the commitment in  networking the youth from grass root level.
         Turning back to the 2nd day, the program start with the introduction about “The Generation Green” by Sikha   Gurung  followed by the motivational and inspirational speech by Anil Shah (Head of the mega bank) which can be the best example those who can’t dream their future in Nepal .Furthermore  motivational and inspirational speech by our mentor Dr.Shanta raj Gyawali, Kamal jung Kunwar(chief warden of CNP),Ranjit Acharya ,those spoken words have power but the difference is it’s very easy to pronounce words rather than bring that simple thinking in real practice. Those innocent faces of tharu society dedicating themselves to achieve the success of the program, busy in practicing the  most difficult dance(lathi dance),serving the guest in very well manner, isn’t it good deed? Learning from that is the best achievement I think .Flow line ,dream-design-discover-deliver is what we need to apply in one’s life. Undoubtly, its lead to success! Truly I admire Ravi shanker  Mardhaniya(President of Amaltari homestay) ,all his spoken words can change the world, reason is he is not only giving speech but those words  are authentic and he is practicing too. I sublimed inside me, remained  motionless as well as speechless, why we can’t do something in favor of wildlife and their habitat? With bold dream to do something  in conserving wildlife and their existence in world, the program came to an end by gathering media person from different district. Discussed about media coverage by the concerned biodiversity issues and their contribution in bringing change. Almost biding bye to the program as well as those amaltari homestay people with heavy heart and giving assurance to visit next time.
        More reflection about the program that’s come into my mind ,cultural dance by tharu community, dancing wildly in the song whatever comes next, those  creative literature, gajals, poems, sayari , etc  producing by youth and competing to present among youths etc were really the moment to cherish.Besides that, tremndously inspired from Tilak sir and synergy from  the Bhaskar sir were precious learning.   I commit to conserve biodiversity to build  the earth  green and clean, Don’t you guys?  Lets join hands to paint the earth green. CHEERS to youth, CHEERS to world!! Together WE can win!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Great job in this snap one is not smiling.....but why

  2. Khagendra dai...kahile kahi tah serious pose pani dinu paryo ni.. :)