Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Shifting power"

      In dilemma always, what does it’s mean “I am a power shifter”, I am literally searching the meaning whether its reflecting to shift energy or any other thing. On the  first day, I was searching the venue of the program, as I my mind is new to the places of Kathmandu. I asked few people on the way about the location, in the mean time I saw the group of girls standing on the road looking here and there, I asked them too, they replied that they were also searching same  thing which I was for ??
      With  many profound questions around the mind, we are trying to changed into power shifter. I found the program quite different and interesting in the sense the we were asked to commit as a power shifter by resonating the voice which calls “I am a power shifter” and  at a time we were asked to dance on the front of the hall which in turn taking away all the laziness of the participants. I can see diverse youth from various field ,some with curious faces, some introducing each other ,some were busy in gossips, some cutting jokes with their peers.  It’s quite interesting to see those scene of youth from different  corner at a place. At the beginning we were energized by our mentor Rambabu sir, then after different presentation followed by documentary show about the climate change, global warming and its impact. It is the well agreed fact we are the one for vanishing as well as killing and hunting of our own kind. Have we turned in savages ,we always so dreaded? Why we refuse to be the agent of change? why we refuse to act from now? Continuously  haunted by these questions when I heard about the rate our planet is being destroying by our daily behavior! Is seriousness is all about shifting power, still confused!!!          
      The next day we were called at NTB, Bhirkutimandap to leave for Nagarkot  for the next session. As I was the only one from Pokhara to attend the training, people were amazed asking me “u came from Pokhara to attend the program” It was like confused Confucius !!!! Truly i came to know very few people on the first day of the training and I was expecting that we will be introduced on the beginning of the session. Beyond expectation, very new way of introduction calling WHOO…HAAA, making two circle, rotating in the clockwise direction introducing each other .That’s how our next session start in different venue CHRDU. Entered Sagarmatha hall, discussed about the impacts that we are facing since few years and the adapting and mitigating measures of climate change, Everyone turned mute at the moment,  What would I do if when the world demands for me like everyone else? Will I be able to be someone else not me as I am now? And what if I don’t? Abolished from the face of the earth? These were the question  triggered me to act as a power shifter!! There were about 85 youth divided into different groups to proceed the discussion as well as to formulate the action plan for the next two months under different themes such as ecofriendly behavior. alternative energy, ecofriendly tourism, research and policy, drama/documentation.

      Besides attending session and discussion, dancing ,singing, campfire ,chitchatting till midnight were the random moments in the program. On the last day we, participants formulated the action plan and presented among all. By the time we changed into the” power shifter ”.I came to know Power shifter is nothing more it’s about disseminating ideas and knowledge to other youth, making chain of network in the community ,country and in turn across the globe.Now i am ready for power shift!!!!!


  1. thats really nice expression of your experience Bhawana. Thumbs up for your candid expression.

    Looking forward to see some actions from the team and wish you very best to grow as a Power Shifter. lets deliver as a power shifter.

  2. I am really glad to be connected with you all....we got to learn a lot,its because of you!! thank you dai :)