Friday, April 4, 2014

Why do we blog??

Whatever you think,whatever comes in your mind its free to write few lines.Its is not about influencing  people around you,its all about making the mind light washing away all the pain ,random thoughts,sharing experiences etc.Sometimes we feel heavy without sharing any experiences,happening with anybody. In fact blogging is that where you can share your thoughts to yourself.It is not necessary to have audience around you to listen your thoughts i this modern era we can share it with with many people around your circle at a time.
      In the past people used to keep diary to share their everything what comes in their life,but in these modern era i am here with my blog! I am always confused how to start writing and to end with.Despite all these i gotta write anything to everything that comes to my head ad at times it might feel i am talking to myself but everything i say is something that sometime everyone wanted to say in his/her life. Well i keep on visiting many enthusiastic bloggers, i keep deep respect to those pen lovers who always love the pages to fill with words adding attraction of the unfilled pages.So friends keep visiting blog for some wonderful thought sharing.

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